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Hole in the Wall

Stratford station to City run - variant 1
A slight variation would be to do a complete lap of Vicky Park (anti clockwise) and when you get to the Mile End canal go down the canal, past mile end to Limehouse basin and into the city

You will have trouble finding the Greenway at the moment as there is a diversion so you could run to the canal.

Here is a route on Gmap, it is just over 8 miles to our meeting place, if you did a complete anticlockwise loop of Vicky Park instead and then on the second time round went down the mile end canal it would make it over 9 miles.

Stratford station to City run - variant 2
You can pick up the Greenway fairly easily. If you just head to Pudding Mill Lane station there is a path that goes through the Olympic Park and comes out just by the stadium!

If you have a look at this you can see where to picked it up:-

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