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London Marathons
London Marathon Pre 2011

25 April 2010 - the 30th (started in 1981)

Mick2:48:54 (half 1:21:19)
Dave B 2:54:53 (1:24:07)
Lee2:55:32 (1:24:17)
Rupert 3:00:43 (1:24:28)
Peter 3:10:18 (1:33:33)
Robin 3:14:42 (1:28:37)

I felt better than last year to 10 miles, went thru half slightly slower than last year, then it all went wrong, found it very hard to concentrate between 15 and 20 and started to slow down. At 21 miles saw my wife and son, I stopped and said that's it I've had enough - a few choice words of encouragement and I set off again, good words from Phil kept me going.

Even though I was slowing in the last 4 miles I was still passing people. I actually ran from 40k faster than before and actually saw the whole of the last mile, it wasn't just a blur like before

Not too bad all things considered

Mick Bridgeland

I will not steal the boys thunder but the view from just after halfway and 35K.
Mick was first through at half way looking as though he was struggling ( not as smooth as normal ) alongside him was Steve Smythe. I worked it out he was probably on around 2 40 pace. Then there was a glut Lee followed by Dave Butler (who turned round to make sure I saw him) followed very closely by Rupert. Bit surprised to see Rupert there. I never saw the others. Coming thru' at 35K Mick looked rough threw his hat on my table (I have brought it in today Mick) a few inspirational words and he got going I saw was Lee bouncing and smiling looking, I thought ,quite good. Rupert was next and again he turned round to make sure I saw him. He looked good as well but had dropped off Lee. Next thru was Robin looking fine but moaning about some injuries. I will leave the boys to report on their times and stories. I never saw 'White Legs' or Dave Moore.
On the phone to Mick later he was depressed; but his time is outstanding. Tens of thousands would have loved to have a time like that at 30 let alone 53.. One other observation Rup its about pace judgement and that may have cost you. I tried my hardest to tell you. All in all a great set of times well done lads a great event.
I saw some serious runners having major problems one rn particular around Gareth (2 30 blew up!) was all over the place and collapsed in front of us. He never had an elite number so had done well to get up with the 2 25's but his race ended in hospital. So count yourselves lucky. Now concentrate on speed.

Phil Hernon

Was good to see you at 35k Phil!
Had started strong and ran with Lee and Dave until just before the 12 mile mark (had to stop myself from charging ahead in the early miles).
Had hoped for 1:25 at half way and so was a little bit too fast there. Was well aware of danger of starting too fast, but intent was to keep second half steady.
Felt my foot blister up at around 16 miles (medical guys reckoned sock was damp, this being due to downfall about half hour before start just as I was getting shoes on, etc).
Held on ok until about 20-21 miles at which point the over-fast start did really catch up with me and boy did it bite hard - 35k-40k was pure hell (coincidentally just after seeing you Phil!!), felt on the verge of passing out and noise from the crowds was just screaming in my head - not a pleasant 25 minutes. Lost the plot totally and saw my time drop as other runners passed me by. By mile 24 I had nothing to give and knew that even a sub 3hr was out of the question, finally managing . Very relieved to finish and many thanks to Andy Tucker for directing me off to the showers just before the queue got massive.
Noticed that everybody's splits was fairly big - not sure if it was the conditions??
What happened to Gareth - is he ok?

Rupert Holden

I was absolutely delighted with my run yesterday. Had a target of 3.15 and was optimistic of the 7.30 pace. After a slow first couple of miles, including a piss stop, I managed to up my pace to be at 1.33 by half way. Was slightly concerned that I was going a bit quick, but managed to keep it going. Struggled around Docklands a little, but was able to pick it up again once we started heading west. Had a horrible mile 25 along the Embankment, felt quite sick and my legs felt like they were cramping up, although once I got to Parliament Square went again and was even able to offer some sort of sprint to the finish, although bloody Buzz Lightyear came hurtling past me on the line!!

A PB by almost 10 minutes, and I believe a “Good for your Age” entry for next year, although if you think I’m putting myself through that again you can think again.

Pete Osborne

Overslept and missed the start – every runner’s nightmare! However, raced downstairs and switched on the telly, hoping I had not taken too much out of myself too early for the long day ahead with this initial burst of speed. Thankfully the BBC’s coverage had me up with the leaders fairly quickly – resolved to pace myself evenly through the rest of the run. Disappointed to see the weather was overcast and drizzly – great for the runners, but not so good for spectating. Left home when the leading men were around ten miles. Easy jog down to the District Line, and off at Westminster. Got to mile 25 just ahead of the leader, but feeling a little uncomfortable (trying to balance my coffee and clap at the same time) but settled into a rhythm. Thankfully finished my coffee before any ravens came through. Missed Gareth, but saw Mick who was in the zone and did not respond to bellows of “C’mon Mick the Raven!”. Looked like he was just holding it together but wasn’t enjoying it. Ditto Dave. Then Lee came through looking remarkably fresh and smiling at us (should have run harder Lee!). Waited around until 3:30 runners were past, but missed Rupert Peter and Robin. Back on the District Line, but got off at Hammersmith and ran the last six miles home (the last six are always the toughest!). Went out for a few beers in the evening to celebrate a good day!
Seriously, great runs by all.

Andrew Hayward

Set off well. Not to worry, a shooting pain in my right knee had me stopping at 10 miles, and had to walk. Ran/walked the rest with the pain intermittently returning.

Longest stretch of continuous running, post 10, was 24 to the end.

Had a nice chat with Andy, after which I vomited, had stomach and leg cramps and was escorted off by St Johns Ambulance for an hour or so. They weren’t very pleased at releasing me in my “dry” post race clothes which I had been sick on!

Irritatingly, all this made me late for lunch.

Well run everyone, especially Pete, who did a big PB and has astonishingly retained his job.

Robin McCoy

London Marathon
26 April 2009 - the 29th (started in 1981)

Thought I would drop you all a line to let you know how my run went. Firstly, a bit of bad news : after 18 weeks of training the final week brought a problem. A bursa in my right knee became inflamed and it was agony. On the Wednesday before the marathon I could not walk up or down stairs the pain was just too great. Following ice and a visit to physio Nick Critchley the Friday before the marathon (cc'd on this mail), I decided to run . On marathon day I took painkillers but by 7 'ish mile they were not working and my knee was quite painful. At that time I was on target for my 'good for age' time of sub 3 15. but I decided to enjoy the day and I did. The remainder of the course was jogged , walked,. and talked. I met some fantastic people.It was my slowest ever marathon (I now range from well under three hours to the 4 07 32 I did on Sunday. Quite a range! so is the age span!) but it was without doubt my most enjoyable. I allowed myself to enjoy the day. The London Marathon is an inspiring , emotion drenched event and the people were just fantastic. If you have never done, it you should. To cap everything my chip had fallen off early in the run so people could not track me ; but I promise I crossed the line (start and finish)! It was a fantastic day. I am told once they review video's my time will be in the official results!
The reason I completed the run was to raise some money for a Hospice. Who looked after a good friend s mum over her last days. Thanks to your generosity I have raised (including Gift Aid) nearly £ 10 000. I am very humbled by the amount of money pledged. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. I have really been touched by some of the comments made and I thank you all for your kindness.
To my Sunday morning running mates thanks for the company and I look forward to continuing the runs. To my running mates in the City I cannot add to my previous comments- you are fantastic. To Leslie Watson and Eileen ,last August I could not run a step , your guidance and care to my overused body is appreciated ,without you I do not believe I could have run 5m let alone 26.2. Many tried before you and could not solve my leg and back problems you did- to Glenn Sontag of Blue Eye your sports massages are brilliant - thanks. To Nick Critchley thanks for your efforts last week ;but ultimately I did not give you enough time the injury blew up at the wrong moment!. There is nothing better than running it is a fantastic sport and gives you a great feeling and allows you to meet some great people. All runners know what I mean and I am blessed to be able to do it. Its now back to nothing more than 10k for the next ten years. I may try another marathon at 60!.
Again, thanks for sponsoring me Ellenor Hospices are really grateful - thank you all.

Phil Hernon

London Marathon
April 2008 - the 28th (started in 1981)

Andy T, Pat and I all met up on Blue start before the race and shared vaseline and decided to run our own races / paces.
Hot and sunny initially, and then thankfully turning cloudy.
It didnt take too long to cross the line (I was with Andy then) but we soon split up as I tried to fight my way through the start / stop / quick / slow traffic. What was difficult to start was soon made a bit worse by the joining of the Green Start after 600 yards.
Anyway, Mile one was in 7:01(nearly all of the splits measured longer than 1mile (two at 1.13 / 1.15 miles! ) on my Garmin) so traffic / following the blue line was definitely an issue despite being in Starting Pod One
Mile two / three: Aiming to catch up with the poor start (my average time was supposed to be 6:41) but what in effect happened was that I got carried away with the other guys who suddenly found a bit more space to open their strides.
It was here that Andy skipped passed telling me how he was definitely going too fast but was going to go with it anyway.
Looked for Luke for the next 2 miles but couldnt remember where he was going to be standing.
It was nice to be back on familiar territory from our Greenwich Foot Tunnel runs.
The reason my times were yo yoing from 6:30 to 6:50+ in the early miles was linked to the fact that I was running to my Garmin and hadnt worked out that if I ran at 6:41 for one Mile, it was not going to be quick enough because I was having to get round people and make detours to drinks tables etc and it was therefore further than one mile that I was running.
Mile 9: Passed Andy T who was going steady again.
Coming across Tower Bridge was just awesome .... what an atmosphere - I just ran with an enormous fixed grin - very moving.
Got to half way and realised that I was slower than where I thought I should be.
Next up was the Springfield Striders manned water tables and then seeing Jo and Lawrence at Shadwell - it was such a boost that I sped up for a couple of miles (14 / 15)
Then it rained ..... hard ... very hard.
Then my hands when numb and my shorts felt heavy.
Tried to keep it steady around the Docklands .... the odd doubt crept in - but really nothing to worry about. So much noise and support as you went passed Canary Wharf it was astonishing.
I started trying to use the downhill stretches to put a bit more effort in.
Heading back East in the direction of the finish. More support then ever.
Jo at Shadwell again.
Andy and his wife in mile 25/26.
Was looking / listening for Phil H but I didn’t even see the Elite table signs where he was located.
Plenty of energy left for a very fast last mile. (I don’t understand what happened in Mile 25 - I thought that I had upped it a fair bit (Garmin had gone belly up once I hit the City)
I don’t remember anyone overtaking me for the last few miles.
Very happy to finish under 3 hours.
Legs are shot away now - going down stairs is a major issue. I will just bike to the station / swim this week. Will enjoy a rest.
My splits are as follows:


Lee Martin

I ran exactly as planned (albeit slightly faster to start off with) and finished in 2.57.50 (a PB by about a minute).

I found the cold showers didn't help any - got cold, wet and the manholes were a bit slippery. Excellent support on the day as ever.

Andy Tucker

We had all the celebrities in front of us including the massai warriors with spears !! so the first mile was fun trying to get past people, but after that it settled down, it took me about 20secs to cross the start line.


5k 19.23

What the splits cleverly hide was the bit between 40K and the finish !! When I came up the slope coming out of the underpass along the embankment I lost the momentum and it was hard work from there to the finish - I felt surprisingly strong to 40k

Like you it was a slow first mile, but then I worried at 5 miles whether I was running too fast, with the downhill bits

It was hard work but enjoyable !!

I found the noise of the crowd incredible, but there were times when I wanted peace and quiet !!

Lee - Your 5k splits show you were running at an even pace, I wish I could have found enough to run a 6 min mile at the end, I was having to concentrate so much that I didn't even see the massive sign saying 385 yards to go !!

I saw Luke twice, once at Deptford before the bridge and then again north of the river, I saw Phil both ways down the Highway then Wendy and Zach and later Jo and Lawrence plus a number of other people from Chelmsford AC - it was good to see Andy H at the end, just when I need the encouragement

Like you my Garmin was all over the place, I press the lap button every race 5 mile point to try to get it back in line with the race mile markers, I believe the mile markers are right the Garmin is inaccurate, which helps a bit, but I suppose at the end of the day its all about trying to run with equal effort and keeping going, I found after a while I was not even looking at the watch as I focussed on the race.

Like you I won't be rushing back into training !!

Well done, great run

Mick Bridgeland

I am a bit concerned about the vaseline.

I saw all the runners and they heard me at 35 k and also going out along the :Highway.
I have to say I was very impressed how well they all looked. It tells me with a little tweaking with the training they are all capable of going faster. Well done to you all great runs. Andy Tucker I had the utmost faith in you and you proved me right.
Well done all. I will be 50 next London and intend to run it as my last marathon so be warned.
Well done... Brilliant day brilliant atmosphere great runs ...I did notice our mate who went to switzerland not sure what he did thou

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